Layout History & Construction

We meet every Wednesday Night at 7:30 pm for Work and Fun at 103 State Street,  Delmar,DE.
Come and join us.  The Entrance is through the Red Door next to the Alley and then Up Stairs.

     Our Tinplate layout consists of three of loops of three-rail track.  (Lower level)  Trains that are running during the open house during the holiday season typify the Lionel layouts that were popular in the big department stores in the 1950's, but on a smaller scale.  Trains consist of original Lionel vintage equipment.

     The G scale loop can be seen on the green shelf near the ceiling.  A G scale train circles the entire room.

     There is also a "Christmas" layout that the children enjoy.  It features Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends.

Tinplate layout
The Tinplate layout (on the lower level) and the Standard gauge loop (on the upper level).

Thomas and Friends
Thomas the Tank Engine is very popular with small children who visit during the holiday open house.