We meet every Wednesday Night at 7:30 pm for Work and Fun at 103 State Street,  Delmar,DE.
Come and join us.  The Entrance is through the Red Door next to the Alley and then Up Stairs.

HO Scale Main Page

     Of all the layouts, the HO scale layout is the largest and we have the most members.  The layout takes up a 2700 square foot area and is designed as a walk-around type with two levels so the Engineers can follow their trains as they make their way along the route.  The mainline track length is 4.91 scale miles long, or 297.98 actual feet.  The distance of the Ohio River Subdivision run is 5.32 scale miles or 322.87 actual feet.  The length of the C&O Portsmouth Subdivision is 1.86 scale miles or 112.88 actual feet long.

     We have prototype operating sessions each month.  (If you are an active Model Railroader and interested in attending one of our operating sessions, please call  302-856-9250 for more information.  You do not need to be a member of our club, although we would be delighted if you join.)

     The track design of the layout loosely follows the Monongah division of the B&O Railroad as it was in the 1970's.  (See the map in the 'Prototype Operations' section for a routing of the track and the towns.)  70% of the Ohio River Subdivision is on the upper level.  The staging yards at the East and West ends have two through tracks running through them so the layout can have multiple trains circling the layout during our open house days held during the Christmas Holiday Season each year.  

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An overview of the Parkersburg Yard

Port Charles
An overview of Port Charles and the Lower Yard